New model of grassroots nternet users’ profit

a website, in the end how to profit is a headache in the industry, there is no positioning, no users, then everything will be pale. And as the grassroots Internet users, in the management of their own blog, in the management of their own forums, we have thought how can also produce a profit?

advertising is one of the sources of profit for every web site on the web. Well, just when we think about whether grassroots Internet users can get some material income while surfing the Internet, a brand-new website appears in front of us.

there is no doubt that when I saw the ENDOR network ( when I think of the station a bit rough, the artists do good, but as a search site, but because the target station speed, and in some slow search speed significantly (the target station Taobao, eBay, pat).

in the relevant description of the website reads: "grace multi search is based on the current domestic C2C search site.". In order to recommend the price and the area of the instant goods to the user, it provides the platform for instant communication for the users who want to buy the similar goods. At the same time, ENDOR is devoted to three stations recommend a good shop, shop recommended by Post Bar form, so the owner of goods, allowing users to quickly find the talent shows itself, the ideal commodity.

so, we can see the characteristics of the station’s first instant compared with a commodity price in three stations. Second: search, users can communicate instantly. This is the highlight. Just as we shop in reality, we buy and sell on the Internet, and we really want someone to talk to us, especially those who buy the same kind of goods.

and this site in the promotion, there’s a trick: we are speechless at the station set up Post Bar to you, if you can manage Post Bar, then the Post Bar advertising revenue, there will be half belongs to you. That’s exactly what I wrote for this article. We’ve been roaming the Internet for years, from the regular free lunch to the present. Isn’t that a killer,


is looking forward to the station’s growth, ~~~~~~~~~~

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