Sitemap and search engine optimization

Also known as the

site map site map (sitemap), it is a single page of the HTML file, it can connect almost all content and includes a website information, any website can benefit from the site map, especially those containing more information content, and more complex flow, good website.

most of the webmaster sitemap is to facilitate users to browse, increase the user experience, as a pure website navigation; understand search engine optimization for site map that must be in order to optimize the website content, precisely in order to improve the degree of interconnection, the professional said is to let the search engine spider connect grab key content and information.

site map on the station search engine visibility is multifaceted:

1. is connected to the search engine spiders provide ZhengZhan content and information;

2. provides deep web connections or dynamic connections for search engine spiders that are invisible to average users;

3. is used as a potential landing page to help the site master analyze search traffic sources and adjust them;

simple, site map is a HTML page, the page basically includes all site content and information connection address, with a guide for the first time to come to your site users, improve the user first, increase user experience; more targeted for an often come to your site the user can selectively read web content.

if the content of the website information is too much, all added to the site map you may read will lose users, then you can choose the most important content of information page, speak other excluded, recommended to choose the following pages on the site map to:

1. navigation category page

2. key categories page

3.FAQ help page

4. webmaster information and contact way page

5. keyword page

The 10 largest page of

6. access

7., if there is a station search engine, then choose from the search engine, click the highest number of those pages

some website systems can automatically generate web maps, such as DEDE, but Z-Blog generally does not support automatic generation of sitemap pages. For search engine optimization, search engines prefer the site map created by player mode. If you must use automatic generation, then be sure to carefully examine the contents of its generation, whether or not it has the following three points:

1. page layout is clean, every user does not want to see the contents of a mess;

2. all connections are standard HTML text, spider more fine, standard HTML static pages;

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