The fastest mode from the media can rise in a month

yesterday, wrote a soft text related dry goods. When it is sent to the space, it is blocked directly. There should be some sensitive words.

, this has happened before. Because the space is to automatically determine the keyword system, found immediately blocked to existing "sensitive" words in the article, so the general approach is to put some of the system may be good to get rid of the word error. Tencent also want to avoid risks, understand.

but this time it’s a little different. I changed the article completely. I didn’t have a temper. I could change all the possible words. I still couldn’t get it out. Let me complain.

or forget it, rather than the article changed beyond recognition, it is better not to send, save some ambition. You want me to change it? I’ll have to consider whether I’ll treat you.

do very good business people are ambitious, treat bianzhaofaer customer bargain, not directly out of hospitality, love buying attitude, the turnover probability will rise a lot, but also directly to the low-end customers to filter out.

, in fact, to check out in the end what is the word, can not pass the audit method is not difficult. The "dichotomy" on it, the article is divided into two parts, first part, if had the lower part of the audit, there is a problem, then the next part is divided into two small portions, which made part of the test, by means of another part of the problem…… The cycle continues to narrow its scope and, with its own judgment, will soon be able to tell where the problem is.

dichotomy is very powerful, very practical search method, anything bad, you can find the problem by dichotomy. When I can’t tell exactly where the problem is, use the dichotomy.

For example,

from the media, I feel it is very difficult to break the case, you can put each link to open one by one platform for diagnosis, there is no problem? In this method there is no problem? There is no problem? Execution there is no problem? You should have no problem? And so on, and then find a good reference object link dismantling, one by one comparison you know, where you do well, what was wrong.

, I checked out my problems. From the beginning of the article yesterday, after each one will add a number, why? Get yourself into a look ahead of the state, the number of forward, every day after the execution, to a certain extent, it will develop a good habit. Add one day, accumulate over a period of time, to one hundred of the time is definitely not the same state.

I slow development reason, a closed door. Don’t open arms, cooperation with other people, their own behind closed doors. This is really wrong, my WeChat friends have such a person, write logs for nearly a year, every day, but few views, because only know and write, no other people do not cooperate, publicity around.

actually, there is a shortcut to do it from the media. This shortcut is leveraging. Borrow certain >

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