The aftermath of Baidu’s attack on a garbage dump

has made a website, 3.4 days included, without any outside chain, to Baidu submitted a

later new sites need to do some publicity, such as do some friendship links, Baidu will be included in a week, review a week, and then fully included.

used to do the station to do very cool, one is not tired, in short, the pages are Baidu to you included.

Since the

domain name appears 1 yuan, garbage station crazy growth, we break these stationmaster quiet days remain in a proper sphere..

station filled with pop, to optimize the use of SEO is not restricted, the crazy growth of traffic, to the garbage station to earn a lot of money, but the destruction of the user’s search environment, previously found only in the one side will be able to work, now appears in front of only some after optimized SEO garbage station, so Baidu


some time ago, a large number of K station, now, you must have it’s my www.23gm.com with hair standing on end, suffer, although Baidu behind the new included, but it has been not good. Now Baidu to the railway station, very strict audit to submit your website is very difficult, we must rely on link.

, there’s another heart problem. Buying and selling links!!!


many webmaster included eager, looking for people to buy links, so by many swindlers are loopholes,


station, get a lot of webmaster do not remain in a proper sphere lived everywhere, posting curse Baidu, Baidu is the eldest brother ah, see brother scolded him, doesn’t feel like it, then there is a large number of K in front of the station said, a large number of owners suffer.

now Baidu seems to restore calm, but the new audit is quite strict, this is Baidu sequelae, treatment time, no ground for blame, we also can’t do what, but as a webmaster, a character, culture and education, the quality of the webmaster, we’d better not do garbage station although to do also do meaningful, don’t go in is pop, advertising is


, my speech is over,

thank you, Admin5, thank you Baidu, thank you Google, thank you all webmaster, thank you CCTV, thank you MTV, thank you, my father, my mother, thank you, Edison Chan, Jiao Jiao, thank you!


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