Problems encountered by overseas hosts and Solutions

with the rapid development of information technology, the domestic virtual host has been unable to meet the needs of enterprises and individuals. Overseas virtual hosting has become an important choice for businesses and individuals. The use of overseas enterprises in the virtual host, the problems encountered may be similar, but in the actual problem solving process is not the same, but different feeling. The problems in the enterprises have to buy overseas after the virtual host, actually can be called the service of customer service, this service including technical services, agreed Follow-Up Services, customer service, etc., so in the choice of overseas hosting provider, its technical support and service support is to solve unexpected problems on security.

one, hit some of the sudden process, the company must be thinking of direct contact with the supplier’s customer service department, to solve the problem. Large overseas hosting providers offer a wide range of customer services, including mail, online chat, etc.. Of course, not in the corresponding time guarantee to solve your problem, but as long as the overseas hosting suppliers to patient, conscientious and professional to help customers solve problems, no problem is impossible to solve.

What is

two, customers are most afraid, afraid after the foreign space bought not found access to or is not stable, the space is convenient to buy foreign foreign customers, the results of the other open speed is often slow or often not open, this is the main overseas virtual machine supplier customer choice strength caused by the. Enterprises should pay attention to the following principles when selecting overseas virtual hosting providers:

1, try to buy reputable, powerful products, they have a lot of IP available for distribution, while an IP address will not have too many sites.

2, large companies can guarantee high reliability, and regular Down machines in small companies may also be considered a problem of accessing connections.

3, let friends everywhere help test access. An address that accesses the site does not mean access elsewhere.

4, when it is completely inaccessible or partially inaccessible, one solution is to change the IP, and the customer service of the big company will soon replace a new IP address.

5, after sale service. If there is any unexpected situation on the virtual host, the large provider will help you solve the problem in the shortest possible time and minimize your loss.

In fact,

overseas virtual host stability is the most fundamental problem is the overseas computer room is stable, if the overseas room is stable enough, then the overseas virtual host which provides the problems mentioned above have little chance. If the conditions allow, the virtual host server in overseas large room abroad, so as to ensure the normal operation of the server and customer service service etc..

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