Novice webmaster do SEO six stupid method

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair, glad three articles have been written in front of their own through the audit, but also pushed to the home page, although this is not what great achievements, but also give me some encouragement, as a little novice webmaster, get the approval of others is very important. Here, also wish other novice stationmaster can get support and affirmation.

gossip less, today I want to talk about is the novice in doing SEO when six big "stupid" method, these six big "stupid" method is I have been in use for more than three months, and later will also insist on using. Speaking of "stupid", we may say, since it is stupid, then still insist on what to do, or hurry to find some good way to wonderful. Indeed, no matter what to do, there is a good way, often can be twice the result with half the effort, but some difficult problems, a short period of time, a good solution can not solve the problem, we can only take "stupid" approach. I think the website SEO process is a very difficult process, and its often long cycle, slow effect, so I have been using "stupid" approach to site SEO, will also be "stupid" approach to continue to use it. Moreover, we lack the experience of novice webmaster, but also have to take the "stupid" approach is the main reason. Here to introduce you as a novice SEO six "stupid" approach.

, a cow plow

our webmaster website SEO should be like the cow plow renlaorenyuan. Stayed in the countryside in the people know that the cow is typical of toil hard working with farmers, will whip plough forward. If we do this every day as to plough, snapshot of each search engine ranking as a whip, our webmaster compared to poor cow, so we must master hard working to complete their work at the urging of the whip. My air-conditioner maintenance site of Beijing beauty ( is in this case do it slowly, update the article I work hard every day, whether it is original, or false original, I have to do is to strive for high quality. Do the chain is also, every day in accordance with the plan to finish every day the post, do high quality outside the chain. Pays off, when almost three months, my website ranking up, Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance the words in the first row, U.S. air-conditioning service center in Beijing ranked in the top five, air-conditioning maintenance beauty also has a good ranking on the home page. In this whole process is really hard, but I have been hard-working, insist on, to have such a small achievement makes me very happy. So, our novice webmaster must not because of temporary difficulties stalled, must work hard, step by step, slowly walk own road of the webmaster, one day there will be fruit picking for you.

two, the early bird

everyone knows that the early bird catches the worm. The "early rising" here not only means getting up early in the morning, but also having another meaning: "ratio >"

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