Unscramble website analysis master Avinash executable website analysis report

The "Action Dashboard" (executable website analysis report), is the site on a text master Avinash published in April 30, 2008 (from today has been almost 3 years), described in the article "site analysis of brief analysis report an excellent website". In this article I will according to their own ideas to interpret the "master site analysis of briefing", and in the end to replicate a part of your executable website analysis report.


at the beginning of interpretation of "website analysis essentials briefing" before the first review under the master key three main principles mentioned in the article. These principles may help you when you create reports or bottlenecks later.

1, the website analysis report must provide information, not data.

2, sometimes we need to break through from the angle of philosophy of human nature.

3, insist on only a few key figures to make a report.

1 breaks down the contents of Action Dashboard


The first step of

"website analysis essentials briefing" is to report the contents of the existing decomposition. Then analyze each part of the report’s function. The content of the report is divided into 8 parts. Next we will introduce each of these 8 parts and their role in the report.

A, key KPI index

The first part is the key index of KPI

, "is that part of the site of the top center of the briefing" (Cart Abandonment), this part is the core of "briefing" the essentials of site analysis. All the contents of the report are used to describe the changes and trends of the key indicators of KPI. All the results are used to explain the reasons for this key KPI index changes, and all of the recommendations and action is the key to improve the KPI performance index.

there is a problem, "the website analysis essentials briefing" is to analyze an indicator? If only for an analysis of indicators, why is this index rather than other indicators? This index is also applicable to my website? These are some of the questions I first encountered, and in other parts of the report will also have a variety of problems. I will read them in the following contents and ask my friends to continue to read them.

, B, KPI change trigger condition

The second part is the trigger condition of KPI

changes, is "the red marker of website analysis briefing" in the upper right corner. This part is also very important for the analysis of website "briefing". He has something to do with you

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