Do not be eager to succeed you must think twice before you act

believe that many people are still blind to establish their own website, they completely ignore the fundamental purpose of the establishment of the website is to what? Maybe someone will refute my idea, that do all is to be able to benefit from the site itself. Of course, this is understandable. But for today’s Internet, if you are still collecting other people’s content, then I just want to tell you that you can not succeed. The reason is very simple, why is everyone talking about "traffic" this keyword?. Because that’s the fundamental way the site is based on the internet. Imagine if a site has no traffic. So how many advertisers are willing to advertise on your site? Either he’s a fool or he’s a genius.

talking about traffic: this topic, it can not be separated from Google and Baidu. According to incomplete statistics, the majority of web traffic now comes from search engines. That’s why the two major search engines can become the symbol of the Internet in just a few years. Since people are used to searching for what they are interested in or need help with. So as you can imagine, if your site is the original content collection of others, the search engine will provide your content to users? Why pay so much attention to foreign copyright, why there are so many copyright lawsuits in the Internet? The reason can be explained, as if you steal the fruit of others labor. Of course, China’s copyright concept has yet to be improved, but it is undeniable that with the development of the times, copyright issues will be more and more people’s attention!


now the Internet covers almost every field, and no matter which aspect it is, it is difficult to develop according to the imagination. People are complaining about why I didn’t contact the Internet earlier. If I had been in touch earlier, maybe I might have been a millionaire or even a multimillionaire now. However, each era has its unique characteristics. The reason why it has been able to make a fortune on the Internet has been the result of the underdevelopment of information at that time. However, although the information has been developed, there is a lot of information we need, as long as the Internet search can be found. But what I need to point out is that the Internet is so much more advanced at the moment that much of it is almost saturated. The only thing we need to do right now is to think, to take full advantage of our brains, to imagine the future trends, and to involve others who are not afraid to take risks. You may fail, but you know or learn a lot from different things. It’s a bad thing for your life.

of course, the last thing I want to tell you is that every age has a different atmosphere, as long as you are good at finding and thinking. Even if you fail at first, you can think twice before you leap. I think you will succeed in the near future.

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