360 times shopping network independent online shop to rely on reputation to eat

"it is said that more than 80% of successful people start with sales." when I was in high school, the teacher said such a thing. It was deeply imprinted on my mind. When I went to college, with my unique sense of the marketing industry, I did not hesitate to choose a marketing professional. Although, at that time to do the sales is not clear, but the psychological still dominated my victory. In the University, the brothers on the upper floor are in the computer department. He has studied all kinds of codes and web pages produced by different languages all the time, which has aroused my great interest and said that interest is the best teacher. By virtue of their computer savvy and a drill, self-study computer secretly, the development of the Internet, then contact, know the electronic commerce and electronic commerce, since then I have the indissoluble bound.

After graduating from

, with the keen interest in e-commerce, I started the road of e-commerce. Began in Taobao online shop, selling beauty care products and health care products, I did not expect all the way along quite smoothly, smooth after a year, my shop has become the 2 Diamond sellers. However, such a prosaic life gradually makes me feel tired, and I own a Taobao promotion around the shop, only to Taobao gold.

grew disgusted with such a flat day, and always wanted to try to change it. All sellers of Taobao know that the string of domain names is nothing special, and there is no personality to keep them in mind. Let alone the buyer, I am the owner of this shop can not remember. I am aware of the need to have their own personality domain name, must have their own independent shop, so that is to do real e-commerce.

in order to open an independent shop, I consulted a large number of documents, to understand the most professional to the number of ShopEx independent online shop system service providers. They have hundreds of thousands of network operators to provide professional technical services, they also have many exquisite professional templates to choose from, the system functions are intimate and save worry, the operation is also very humane. So, with my knowledge of computer science at university and with the official ShopEx video tutorial, my independent website soon became online — 360 times shopping network". The scope of business is still health care products (An Qi, yeast, zinc, instant yeast, etc.) and skin care products (herbs, herbs, Lina and so on).

left Taobao, his own! Everything went according to plan development step by step, but I met a very serious problem: "integrity". Although the products are regular manufacturers directly into, the price is relatively low, the site opened more than 2 months, but found that many customers questioned my integrity.

, after communicating with some customers, realized that their biggest concern was in the payment process. Because customers do not understand these aspects of information, leading to some of the training of users unfortunately lost. In fact, the independent online payment interface ShopEx including Alipay, caifutong and other dozens of these.

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