A good webmaster to have 5 elements

1, don’t have anyone to partner with web site

as the saying goes, "man dies for wealth, birds die for food."". The passage of time can still sense, although much more good than bad, but a bad person to blow you will put 1000 good people to help to obliterate. Therefore, there are many reasons for taking preventive measures. Now very cheap site, and will not spend hundreds of pieces of technology to find people to do, will not promote publicity, take some time to learn slowly, or spend money to find people to promote. Some people say that money can solve the problem is not a problem, these do not seem to be any problem. Partnership Station, when the station has not yet what profit generally do not have what problem, until the station’s influence or profit much, everyone has his heart in the small abacus, often inadvertently a word may cause disputes. Therefore, we would rather pay money to spend more time to do their own standing, do not matter much to partner, do stand, do not go to the last stop did not do, and friends do not have to do.

2, don’t put yourself in such an important position,

many webmaster what will, technical understanding, promotion, understand, transportation business understand. Small things are done by themselves lest others should not do them well. This will be very tired, very busy, ask, wait until your station more, as you are so busy, estimated that every day busy until 2 in the morning is also busy. Appropriate to let go to someone else, spend a few hundred dollars a month to find a part-time job, can let you walk out from the busy, to do more valuable things, so sometimes you don’t have to own everything in an important position.

3, don’t use dirty measures to solve the problem of interest,

often drift in rivers and lakes, where there is no reason to suffer knife ah?. But the knife to the sword, you can not care about everything, to learn to calm thinking and observation, then care about. Now many sites, competition will be big. Survival of the fittest is the law of nature, which causes many people will choose to use unscrupulous means to host. But the author of the human choice of this means people can not become big device. If you see a station in front of you, you can ask a hacker to hack his station. In other words, do you know that no one else knows hacker hackers exist? Can you black people, others can only appear black mud! Last fiasco. This is often a case of killing. One more thing to remember is that hackers can’t solve problems, and the government is becoming more and more aware of the problems caused by hackers. Do not believe Baidu search yourself to see.

4, do not take the lonely as an excuse to indulge the body

everyone knows that doing a website is lonely, and it is lonely. A few days ago, not someone on the A5 made a paper, write the webmaster to resist the loneliness of the article? That’s right, lonely to say love, that is not true love. The webmaster’s daily life is facing the computer, to the website update, everywhere promotion own website, this kind of life is really lonely. Some people began to stir up, so they thought of looking for excitement, see a colourful door photo, the next film, finished, hot body, and then a QQ search, under the city friends, or

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