How to understand online education free thinking what platforms are business models

introduction: online education, why fire online education is a revolution, online education investment hot, and so on?… We all know that online education is imperative, and more is really unnecessary. Do yourself, ground gas, slow development, is what you now I want to do.

online education is very beautiful. A series of fourteenth articles, read "free" this book recently, see four free mode inside the Laohuang to share with everyone now online education major platform is what business model.

direct cross subsidy

what’s free: a product that attracts you to buy something else;

who enjoys free: someone who ends up paying in some way.


model is set at zero (or near zero) prices to allow other products to be attractive and then pay. In today’s popular free time, you can see everywhere is crying, for example: free cards, by sending the experience card to attract people to enter, and then grab one part of what they pay to buy other things. In this way, both can create fame, but also to achieve revenue; shopping malls, products, low-priced promotions are the same, as a selling point of a direct cross subsidy.

Internet thinking singing street, one of the important point is to provide free things. The form of direct cross subsidy is a practical model for many platforms today.

online free card, free open class, free on-site experience lesson, to promote this form, however, allowing users to pay, and the formation of the site’s revenue.

direct cross subsidies behind to say free plus payment mode difference is whether the product development, the product is two, even more cross product, the latter is the two way of a product that cannot be separated.

three party market

what is free: content, service, software, etc.;

who enjoys free: anyone


is met? Whether the feeling which is? A profit behind the majority of the portal is this mode, provide free content, focusing on the huge crowd, but this is for free bill third party payment or advertisers; free music player software, and pay for advertisers; free video the website or tools, but each video is in front of broadcast advertising. While online education, Dobe network to provide free platform for teachers and students, but this bill is venture capital or other people. The above courses are free for more than open, as the site of the biggest domestic public class, there is Chinese COUSERA called Dobe network is always so go. However, in other education platform charging offensive, UGC content is not essential, difficult to make profits, have become controversial aspects.


online education platform is at the same time, there are few which have great feelings.

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