Discussion on the five elements of local group buying website’s successful operation

webmasters may think now to talk about group purchase sites seem to be inopportune or inappropriate because recently, the Internet is the most powerful group purchase website drifting profusely and disorderly, not the group purchase website’s profit is very good, but many of the original rapid expansion of the group purchase website have been tightening, downsizing, and therefore a lot of professional exclaimed, Internet’s winter is coming however, the author believes that this winter may be part of the winter, even the group purchase website, also not completely into hibernation state, if the operation is good, will also create a very good profit, now, the five elements of local group purchase website successful operation


: a group purchase website marketing to the game, not to engage in large-scale coverage of

advertising is generally more extensive coverage. The effect will be better, but for the local type group purchase website, if you do so, then the money will not be able to afford, you know, advertising and marketing, not hundreds of thousands of investment, let a small group purchase website to take place out, so the local group purchase website, in advertising and marketing, should be out of the odd victory road, is to spend less money, to get a better advertising effect, such as from the bus, the local newspaper, boarded a small advertising, although the cost is very small, but the effect is very good!

two: the cost of controlling human resources

for the group purchase website, often as a small company, though small, but to taste, although can not guarantee that each function requires professional staff to do, at least, to ensure that the number of functions, the corresponding group purchase websites such as finance, marketing, operations, SEO optimization, marketing planning and so on, these if you can do, you do, if you do not want to, as much as possible to find some part-time jobs, or have a variety of professional ability, although high wages, but also to find a few people to do a lot of strong


three: to have their own core purchase products

now buy website is the most criticism of the group buying is particularly rare. Many netizens joked now group purchase website is the group purchase coupons, or some inventory backlog of goods, no competitiveness, many products to buy back, although it looks cheap, but not worth it, this is the group purchase website operation, to avoid the problem, so to build their own core competitive products group purchase website, it is it’s important, and find the core competitive products, there will be many businesses and local cooperation, ensure the group purchase products Everfount


four: buy site functionality must be very concise, service experience better than

local group purchase website is actually a network of intermediary companies, intermediary is the content of products and services, so to create highly competitive products, it will provide users with good service, this service can even include >

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