Everything is difficult at the beginning how does website operation seek seed user

site operation good positioning of the target user, then you need to find a group of their own "seed users", the first thought is the seed can blossom. "The seed users" actually this is the meaning of website operation. A people do not know the new, up to tens of thousands of people, but no one can do the nouveau riche. The best way is to find their own "seed users", you are looking for more accurate, better maintenance, it can help us more quickly spread market, to cover more of the target groups, it is called to play (a mobile phone millet launched to do that). Everything is difficult at the beginning, in order to help more website operation, new partner finds a train of thought, he Yang comes to chat with everybody about the search of "seed user" in website operation.

is very simple, and the most common way to find the product seed user is two:

first, find the familiar (charisma)

if your personality is strong enough, and product positioning crowd is popular, you can first start from the side of the friend (if you know again what a few celebrities, you will smile), based on trust, many people believe that their understanding of people recommended, so many people do derivative are started from the circle of friends.

but often we start from the side of friends when there will be a misunderstanding, blindly want to let their friends to buy their products, in fact, this idea is a short-sighted performance,


what do you think: how big is the circle of friends, how much people can have, and how much they have to spend, so if you advertise in your circle of friends and just want them to buy something, you’re wrong.


remember: we choose the circle of friends, the final purpose is not to let them purchase (of course, can buy the best) but let them help us go forward to share, according to the "250" law, if each see friends can help you to publicize your target audience will be geometrically. Growth;

so when you organize promotional copy, the starting point is not to stimulate the conversion transaction, but stimulate forwarding share, let more people know you, if the user is interested, want to further understand or get more benefits, this time we can set the threshold of


how Yang saw before a App promotion, do not remember the specific, the general idea is based on WeChat circle of friends in the micro official website promotion, as long as the above registration is successful, until after App line after the download (end), and then log on to your own user center can receive red envelopes of cash, more fun is registered users have an exclusive promotion link and two-dimensional code sharing to a circle of friends, as long as people through their own share successfully registered, you can get cash back (stimulus spread).


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