How to raise the flow of Taobao shop

now open online shop more and more people, especially in the past two years, many college students have chosen Taobao entrepreneurship. Open shop is the most headache is how to improve the store flow. No traffic, there is no possibility of transactions, this is the true meaning of online shop. At present, online shops are mainly self-employed independent stores and in Taobao, pat Network opened free online shop, for raising the flow of shops is interlinked, here and share eighteen strokes commonly used to increase traffic flow.

1. with old customers a good reputation, to help promote, this is a very effective way Oh, you say how good are not used, but my friend said, persuasion is increased Oh, so we will use the best service to treat every customer, he is your best propagandists


2. uses all the chat tools (Wangwang, QQ, MSN, etc) to promote to your friends.

3. from a good shop name.

4. design personalized signature, beautiful shops decoration.

5. takes advantage of your Taobao, pat shop recommendation and showcase.

6. gives the baby an easy to search merchandise title.

7. to take part in the activities of the forum, multiple essence stick and post, won the silver to grab a good recommendation.

8. uses more free pat propaganda function.

9. take the initiative to contact buyers, do pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

10. friendship connection.

11. gift package do not forget advertising.

12. stores have constant promotions.

13. pay attention to baby shelves peak. (3-5 in the afternoon, 8-10 in the evening)


14. in Taobao, pat released something, try to set in 7 days, because if you choose the 14 day, the release time will automatically put your goods in on location, if there is no such trouble for independent stores, you can store home his own products.

15. make your own personal space, post and reply will become a good window to promote you. Of course, the premise is that you do a good job in the personal space management of the signature map.

more than 16. in the relevant forums to publish their own articles, paste your classic baby pictures, but also very effective!


17. makes more attractive activities such as auctions, promotions, discounts and promotions.

18. to the major search engines to register your shop, maybe now is to find the customer baby your baby


in fact, whether it is Taobao shop, or its own web site, or can not be separated from publicity, not publicity, no one knows your shop, not to mention that someone will come here to buy your things. >

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