Garbage webmaster money experience experience mood

first of all, let me explain to you, I really is a very garbage webmaster. I can not do the writing skills, do not stand technology, will not promote, and will not make any optimization…… It’s also the first time.

has been published in ADMIN5

anyway, what they want to say. I probably from around October last year officially launched the first family garbage. Simply do a static site navigation, bought a.Cn domain name 1 yuan a year, and the static space 30 yuan a year, the total cost to 31 yuan. Then from the net on a static website navigation program, Baidu is also the navigation program, and then began on the Internet. The website is running, I began to want to make money, the beginning of that time, do not know what the advertising alliance, also don’t know Admin5, what is left behind. Anyway, what problems encountered in the Baidu search on the line. The beginning also only know a GG advertising alliance, and then apply for a number, hang GG advertising, publicity..

feels like living with a dog every day. I got up early in the morning to promote the publicity. At that time, my main publicity methods were similar to those of people, namely:

, the first one, ask every friend in QQ to help me sign the ad.

second, N joined the QQ group, every day in the QQ group issued a web site publicity, also attracted a lot of invective;

third, answer the questions in Baidu know that, as far as possible to the answer to that question is best, become the best answer, and then post on their web site; but due to excessive administrator attention, was black; and then continue to apply for a new Baidu, continue to answer Esther.;

fourth, in the community forum, Baidu post, post, and apply for a number of different user name to the top of their posts; it always top in front, to see more people will be a little more, then some points will increase;

fifth, go to some porn forum website, send some Teaser article or advertisement. People think this is very useful. In view of traffic statistics, which come up. Because in this world, many men are ***.

this week, I the rubbish station discharge also rose a lot. Less than a week, GG there are hundreds of dollars, equivalent to RMB 1000 yuan. At that time really rattled happy ah, only invested 31 yuan, less than a week there are thousands of dollars, although I the site didn’t PR, website ranking also does not look marginal…… So encouraged, let me crazy to do the above five points. But later overdo it, received GG mail, this does not say that we all know, tell me is, my GGAD career ended, over. Hey, I knew, in the beginning there are 50 dollars first mention now…… After such a shock, I couldn’t continue to do GGAD, because school >

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