He Tao that’s how build popular blogs

in his blog SEO article is almost a month more, of course, in this period with my understanding of network marketing is certainly not meet to visit my personal blog, for which a network share now basically are relatively good pragmatic the operation skill and experience. Of course, I also constantly learning to do personal blog popularity, he is also a step toward my plan ahead, share my eyes that pragmatic good operation increase blog traffic operation.

for the blog, I believe more about the quality of your blog. Blogs basically interact and communicate with your visitors in the form of words. You first feel the doomed to your blog, then this time some friends will be on your blog with the first impression, want to come again next time? I have seen many friends give me a message in the blog, said his not writing level, here the so-called level are also Practice makes perfect.. No, you can’t write it, just you don’t want to write, dare not write. But also some friends will go to a reprint of others blog as it is not very desirable.

says that you have to pay attention to what time your blog is updated. Of course, the time here is about the time, basically to maintain unity, because there will be some friends waiting for your Bo Wen update, want to see the next exciting article is also possible. Another is that you can choose to reprint other people’s excellent articles, such operations are also good, at least to a certain extent to visitors to some freshness.

on the blog inside there is a very important point, is that you have to deal with your website and blog to your friends, do give them a reply is not enough, the best can be like Lu Songsong’s manipulation, there will be a return visit for each blog message. This means the effect you can see for yourself, I think I do not have to say.

‘s operation, blog has good content is only one-sided, good content of our next is to let more friends know my content is how the quality, how to write in the heart.

SEO, my blog is actually a bit with a commercial flavor, with some website production, website promotion to a word, believe you will understand that the website is certainly to make money, some small ads are normal. My target keyword is to do the local Ningbo based, after all, personal ability and experience is limited, and I do not want to select the target keyword as SEO, I can not do it.

in addition to doing SEO optimization and promotion, and more is that we want to contribute. Here I can share with you my submission major or two place, one is A5, that recently often pay attention to the A5 friends may have seen some of the articles I write, there are many friends through the A5 article >

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