Market analysis of local classified information websites

I run a local classifieds site, has been very concerned about the development and change of classified information website of these a few years, at 58, the market they scramble amidst the winds of change plus 58 recent successful listing, the Tencent soon to make strategic investments in 58, almost become the industry giant. I wait for the rookie in this classified information market to mix food to eat really hard, but see difficulties, but also to see the hidden opportunities inside, can not see 58 listed, and that it can monopolize the industry. China’s market is vast, and concentrate on their own drilling, there are still some gaps in the market.

currently engaged in personal classification of this piece of information, I think we should start from 58 vulnerable areas, in order to have the opportunity to win a little room for survival, so I summed up a few points, it is a little superficial knowledge. Heroes are welcome to criticize and correct me.

1, messy information, poor integrity,

58 market in recent years, the rapid development of the information on the website is Nishajuxia, although they have been aware of dragons and fishes jumbled together, this kind of defect, also increased the audit and supervision to strengthen the corresponding artificial false information, but the problem hasn’t been solved completely. Therefore, I operate on the whole manual review, and then our staff to publish, in order to achieve the source, screening, information and other purposes. That is, the efficiency is much lower, but we take the small and fine line, honesty is the first.

2, big advertising spending,

this needless to say we should all know, in order to seize market share to pave the way for celebrity endorsements for the listing, TV, subway, bus, etc. a lot of outdoor advertising, these costs are large, the classification of information industry to the meager profits, advertising is continuous can not afford to burn, fortunately some last to the market, but the huge advertising expenditure is huge cost. I operate the train of thought is, accurate residential areas and guerrilla tactics, so you spend the least amount of money to achieve the appropriate marketing results.

3, a large number of front-line sales staff, human resources spending

58 frontline sales staff said more than 4000, many market and sales staff, such a large team every day by telephone and visit the development in order to pay the merchant, the number of businesses pay increases, some still continue to increase the number of agents and sales staff number, which will cost much manpower. And so many people frequent harassment of businesses, but also a lot of businesses are disgusted. Our approach is, sales staff less and fine, we should try to harass the merchant as little as possible. Fewer merchants and fine, more than the beginning of doing business data sorting work, only select a small number of high-quality merchants to cooperate, so that the quality of the platform business promotion, which is small and beautiful operation of ideas. For large numbers of 58 and the market, this small and beautiful way of thinking is not suitable for their development route.

4, the lack of core competitive advantage, relying solely on classified information advertising

58, go to market and so on

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