How do Taobao passengers catch traffic


passenger camp, only two points, one is to get to the root of the problem, open source, is a throttle.

on the open source approach, Taobao has more than 20 kinds of promotional methods, due to limited space, will be in another article to share with you. Today, I mainly share with you about throttling, there are actual combat, ~



throttling, throttling, throttling is the precondition of the connection.

, refers to provincial traffic, extended to save the maximum flow. Want to stay, the premise is that you have to flow through, that is, the flow, generally refers to catch traffic.

is so hollow and difficult to understand? Take an example and you’ll see,


, if you run Taobao through a question and answer platform, usually you can’t leave the URL link. So, how do we use this platform? There are many ways, for example:

: which brand of soybean milk machine is good,


Soybean Milk machine brand really hard to choose, a superb collection of beautiful things, I had to go around the city in the electrical appliances, but the price is very expensive, then went to look at the blog on Huo Soybean Milk machine brand, only to find that the original Soybean Milk machine there are so many unspoken rule, I suggest that before you buy Soybean Milk machine, also search Huo always blog look, this is a focus on the Soybean Milk machine blog, in order to avoid being cheated.

this routine is very common, can not leave the link in the platform, leaving only search source, then, as long as it was enough subtle, users will go to search, in the above example, if surgery is open, is the drainage, and we will "Huo Chang blog" optimization to the first page first, this is the answer flow, when users search, we can divide the flow catch, with such precise flow, to improve conversion rates, it is difficult to


drainage + flow + throttling, this is a complete flow value system.

so, how should we reduce our spending,


way, if there are a lot of words to express, may really not a short period of time can be completely expressed completely, then, only two are commonly used, but few people use the collected database.

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method 1: QQ list

this is a very common way, if it is in a year before, I won’t mention QQ list here, because most people know what to say, the value is not high, but now, the Tencent made new provisions for the QQ mailing list, that new users can create specific column permissions, in other words for new users, QQ list, has already not, at least, most people’s voice, so much?! is the most, not all. Next, and everyone

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