A webmaster’s entrepreneurial process real feelings

medical image 07 years graduation, 06 years of practice began to contact the network, 06 years in September began to network business, give up medicine, embarked on this endless road of entrepreneurship!


students may be in the hospital to work, but I sat on the computer side updated website, students in my sleep when I was modifying the site program

venture for us is really very bitter, very tired, now I regret going on network career, if can return to 06 years I would not choose a network, I will live a normal life, work, work have a girlfriend to accompany you around and go out shopping with me now is how long dreamed of things, but look back it was too late, have the habit of falling in love with the network, remember 06 years began to do the station when all don’t know, hard to learn programming, but learned only superficial, the first time in 06 years have their own website, Xi’an integrated information network, which is a few days hackers visit my station so what nothing, 07 years began to really put to do website, game website.

              start can also, the daily income is almost every day, probably more than 100, 07 years in July 4th, my birthday, my girlfriend left me broke up, the reason is very simple, every day I spend all the time with the computer, a few months once turned out and every time she went out alone. Now think of it, maybe I was sorry for her, because we love three years, she suddenly left me to give up everything, including of course website, 07 years in mid July to work (just want to adjust the mood), resigned in mid August to go home, continue to create a web site, in the Cheng Zhongzhen is very tired, every day on average the rest time less than 2 hours, in addition to buy a meal never out of the house, sometimes will suddenly stop smoking cigarettes, ask yourself, what are you doing? Do not know, only for their own dreams, for my dream I give up everything, even my health, in the last 07 years in my mid October Xi’an website, classified ads successful debut, but the body is really the end of the 07 year span, and go home and recuperate website everything to her (I’m really sorry sorry for you), in March 08 to run Wave Xi’an to continue my career on a network of classified advertising network, revision, create the beauty of Xi’an network March (mainly the common sense of beauty, to create beauty Talent Network) in April, the creation of Xi’an talent network May, beauty talent network, building network in West china.

            all the rest of the time to do a good job, promotion, I think is very tired, but I will stick to it, remember when Xi’an classified ads I missed 11 days of rest, feel like Superman, eyes will stay for a long time in the water the computer every night, don’t know is tears or what, feel very bitter, stand in and during all the experience perhaps only I know.

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