How to choose a personal website outlet according to their strength is the key

in doing the station, first of all, according to their personal strength to choose the type of site, technology, funds and website promotion is the key to the development of a web site.

do not consider those strong and professional website, here we only discuss the fierce competition in the network lost land in the webmaster, how to do and make money, hope here can not develop a webmaster inspiration, believe in yourself, we are the best


first consider what to do, how to make a profit, how much money you intend to invest, just to play or to make money. These are factors that influence the development of your website. People who need to prepare to join the ranks of the webmaster think it over carefully. There are some small movie webmasters although modest, technical content is not high, just download a program, make a good development of hotlinking, words can earn hundreds of small, there are many such station. Some people would say that such a site is not worth doing. In fact, you can earn a penny first, then develop other projects, and you can also learn the promotion experience. No webmaster contact in many sites, but they do have money, than the total at the forum in the mix of webmaster earn a lot, so the accumulation of funds, can more to develop, such as pictures, games, entertainment etc..

at present, many webmaster love to follow suit, to see people make money what station, they would quickly imitated a personal feeling, the strength of the master copy have nothing to do, did not have the strength of the webmaster don’t waste the time of the site, because the venture capital requirements are relatively high, and the rankings are based on the flow money to drop out, you are unable to compete with these large. So I think the person in the station before, should choose the industry threshold is not high, can go to look at the ranking is not very high, but the area is strong, the server space requirements are not high, investment is not large, but can through membership and advertising and the monthly income of tens of thousands, ranking higher than them, many of the station is not comprehensive there are certain income.

many owners would like to think that this industry station is more, there have been a lot of, or the local area has the same site, not competition, increasing Internet users, the amount of information requirements are also higher, all industry publishers hope that all sectors total station has its own information and they could not hang in a tree. They eat meat, we eat our bones, and when we eat the bones, we can start eating meat. When you choose the industry, you must look at the rankings of other industries and their advertising positioning, and then decide which industry to do and make money faster.

some webmaster will ask, "I don’t know any industry. Can I do it?" I’m sure to tell you, as long as you work hard, absolutely no problem. Now Baidu, GG is your good helper. So don’t worry, but be careful not to do what you do. When you don’t understand the industry, you never need to know it. You should try to get to know it slowly, if it’s only one

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