How to enhance the store experience through mobile strategy Look at what these 6 brands do

How does

integrate mobile strategy into entity store operations?

said the store mobile, everyone will think of the mobile payment, mobile payment is actually a part of mobile strategy, businesses need to find more ways to provide differentiated services to users, the optimization will be the key to the store shopping experience. Look at the following 6 brands are how to do?.

Urban Outfitters



Native American clothing brand Urban Outfitters development of the original application called Urban On (UO), this application will provide users with a lot of personalized service. For example, users have just entered the store, UO will remind users to log in social media, the user enters the fitting room, UO will encourage users to share their clothes as a friend, share success, users will get a certain discount. Outside the fitting room, there are also kiosks for users to self – use. Users can also listen to UO radio while shopping. The latest version of the app updates the product page, allowing users to see clearer products, larger pictures, and related products.

best buy


best buy’s app supports IFTTT, the first retail channel on IFTTT. This application can help users identify specific products they are interested in, push the product price to the user in time, whether it is on sale, the hottest product recommendation, the new product recommendation and other four kinds of information.



hundred years of drug and food chain Walgreens (Wall Green) to create the application allows the user to renew the prescription, view the promotional information, health information, records of personal health information, medication reminders, to the doctor or pharmacist online consultation and so on, can also print photographs. In early November 2010, Walgreens began to use mobile phone software to scan the prescription, greatly enhance the trading volume. In addition, with GPS technology, Walgreens can tell consumers which stores are doing promotions nearby. When users enter the entity store, the application will guide users to find the drugs they need at the fastest speed.

Rebecca Minkoff


Rebecca Minkoff (Rebecca · Minkoff) bag shop jointly launched eBay interactive room in the dressing room and the exhibition hall are equipped with smart mirror. Users can click on the mirror to browse the goods, check the information and order the goods. In the fitting room, the user can adjust the light in the room

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