Change host space for several sites for the first time

July 23, 2008 was the day when the Olympic torch arrived in Ji’nan, and it was on this day that I changed the host space for several of my websites in Beijing.

first I will only use the ASP forum or website program, contact the Discuz forum from the beginning of last year, and later on PHP imperceptibly had a good impression, naturally to the mainstream PHP program to understand more slowly, also includes the platform architecture and other related knowledge. Now I don’t make money by making websites, but I can’t let go of this interesting activity, so I think it’s a hobby when I’m free.

originally used the space is almighty sharing type, WinServer platform, spent a year, and I feel pretty good. But considering the total is PHP, so this year the old space immediately expired, I did not hesitate to choose the LAMP architecture (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) platform of the host, because PHP only runs on LAMP architecture in the architecture of the host in order to maximize its efficiency, if it is ASP it should be selected based on the WinServer platform.

The new host

management background is DirectAdmin, originally used to star system under the WinServer platform, now turn to DirectAdmin, it is not used, but some problems can be found in the network, after long time exploration and bold practice, in the end groping through and through! A few hours will be transferred to the new site on the host.

The transfer of the

website is very successful, the transfer of PHP as long as the attention of 22 corresponding line, the 22 is the site of correspondence, documents and versions of the MySQl database parameters, encoding information such as backup and restore the corresponding PHP website like ASP does not transfer directly over the line

Oh!The next work is to test the

website is really worthily LAMP architecture PHP platform based on real host! This is very powerful! Now than the original host configuration is high, but because of its structure, play a maximum efficiency of PHP+MySQL, and the speed is faster than the original, and the speed is very smooth


finally tell you is that, if your site needs a more stable feeling, and is PHP+MySQL, must choose the LAMP structure of the host space Oh! Of course it inside the "L" in addition to that Linux, Unix and FreeBSD can also be


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