Detailed game how to create new station million popularity

from the information station to the game station before, because of the game, this is a very demanding market, the age of a wide range of levels, to do it, regardless of resources or profits can have a lot of choice. But when you really get into this business, you’ll find that the intensity of competition in the industry is far from being predicted, and it’s horrible. If you are behind the station resources support, may also develop rapidly, but if you are a thoroughly grass grass root, then the game can not stand you just do the site.

but the game didn’t look forward to do grassroots webmaster? Obviously not, do a lot of game station rich friends, watching them back every day tens of thousands of IP my heart is really very envious, but we do not think that their construction is how NB, I asked the business skills they actually very good grasp, but everyone’s execution is not the same. So, for the novice webmaster, how to create a popularity in a short time over the site,


targets users and thinks what they want,

users will always be the key to the development of the site, especially the game station, more users need to hold, otherwise the lifeless game resources are purely furnishings. So what should we think about the user,


first page itself must be neat, do web content publishing, game picture of the station itself is more and more, my suggestion is that we divide each other according to the classification, the attention level of the heat paging function area, such as in the first page I will set a chess game, then is a stand-alone game. Online games, etc.. This sense of clarity is more practical than exaggerated splendor.

game station must attract the other party in the first time, after all, the industry is too rich resources, and can not find its own characteristics, it is easy to shut down the site users. Take me, if I were a user, when I open the page to see some words caught my eye, I will close the site immediately, from this point of view, users will basically have the inertia operation. So on the home page I will add a lot of popular games, MT Beijing line activities, "unexpectedly" record over and I called MT and some LOL cooperation activities, which will see the user is love.

in addition, we also do game to stand for the user attributes have a clear understanding of the game is the male station more users, which some users are more house, so the game must have beautiful pictures, in addition to the penguin news online, no title slightly to retain integrity, this possibility more users.

Of course, the most important thing is the

game station of its own resources to download, my personal opinion is to do fine do not do more, because of the different needs of users are not the same, with you as far as possible to meet each user’s psychological resources is very rich to download a may have failed to meet, so as to may be deep for the one or two popular category.

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