How to beware of false online numbers

one, the purpose of false traffic

1, flicker advertising alliance

domestic webmaster cheating too serious, so the advertising alliance in order to control the cheating way is to take to improve the site must have a certain threshold, flow rate and ALEXA value of the site can apply to the general account, the regularity of the site and there are certain traffic sites, we can obtain considerable ALEXA rankings, the general requirement is 200 thousand within the ranks, is also the daily flow of over 2 thousand IP.

also has some people who want to buy a high ranked domain name directly, and then apply it to an advertising union account for the same purpose.

2, Huyou venture investment

for some new, ready to accept the risk investment for the station, ALEXA is definitely an important reference standard, so many large websites will brush ALEXA rankings or the number of online fraud, such as, the marketing manager in our group, he said each portal station counter is a problem that is 3 times the normal number of online.

these cheating usually choose ALEXA cheating, to obtain ALEXA data better, you can search "ALEXA cheating scandal", you can see how many domestic big websites through ALEXA.

3, Huyou station visitors

some stations, obviously new open, the result is written on hundreds of people or thousands of people at the same time online, giving a feeling that the popularity here is so good.

two, the practice of false traffic

1, brush true flow

real brush flow, are generally used to improve the ALEXA threshold, this is generally adopted the framework of traffic, you can find a brush, brush has a lot to offer service in the Internet, you can also go directly to buy a framework to increase the flow of ALEXA ranking, this is a form of the highest cost, because it is to spend money however, hundreds of yuan can get a good ranking.

2, modify counter

we see the current number of online many stations, they are their own counter, the counter is by their own say, they say how much is how much, there is a direct fixed number, such as the current 2231 people online, always is the same, this type is generally used for disposable fudge traffic, such as some chat rooms in the holding time, it displays the current number of online XX, is immutable and frozen.

is another kind of multiples, such as some time ago there was a counter site show only 5 times, when a person online display 5, when 2 people online display 10100 people online display 500, but it is relatively easy to be noticed, because they were all 5>