Franchising is a trap or

is now a lot of people to start a business, a lot of small businesses, because want to avoid risks, many have chosen to join the form of entrepreneurship! Then the franchise in the end is a trap or money?

join not once and for all investment

join any product, franchisees need to join the leading enterprise (the leader) to pay a certain amount of initial fee, is the brand and technology use fee. Join the leading company to provide the technology and equipment to the franchisee, and train its staff. The franchise was officially opened, the franchisee can not stand to wait for wealth coming up?

quality is always the quality of

"reduce the quality of it is a trap. Some of my stores, for example, some bosses at the beginning of the very focus on quality, personally supervise the operation of employees. But later, in order to reduce costs, they began to cut corners, a decline in product quality, customers naturally a lot less, the final loss of their own. Therefore, the need to operate their own production of stores, we must consistently ensure product quality; do not need to produce their own stores, we must guarantee the quality of service. Life is the quality of the franchise."

"covenant" nature of the decision

is not difficult to find, there is a maximum advertising franchise laundry, catering, clothing, food, the main target audience is people who want to use the cost of small business people. In these people, some because of the franchise business failure and the chain of industry have psychological conflict, and some people are starting to think that the franchise is a trap, because this kind of advertising is too tempting.

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