Xu Tao the nation’s largest free forum 5D6D toll gate the whole story

recently, known as the country’s largest free forum 5D6D binding domain "toll gate" fights online 5d6d official claimed to raise a Babel of criticism of, because of the national domain name registration crackdown, a large number of servers to face the risk of being closed, so that the binding domain for services, many forums began to claim the world Crusade: the history of the Internet’s biggest fraud began Kang Sheng! Territory sign "the largest free forum, never charge, no ad " play word games, free forum or free forum, but want to bind the domain name please take the money, take the official national crackdown as an excuse to start charging his plans, which in the end is premeditated? Or forced? Because I have a website is under 5D6D (, 5D6D of the incident from the beginning of the end has some knowledge, also to chatter Thanks for two, right and wrong, I do not make any comments, the following is the 5D6D "toll gate" by:

step 1:

December 3rd, a free forum hosting service (Free Forum Hosting Services) platform of our territory issued the relevant announcement: "to inform its members recently thorough investigation of the relevant departments of the state of network information, and thorough investigation of the site record information, according to the regulations, any information not true record will be canceled for the record, not the real situation including" personal information inaccurate, untrue and inaccurate information access." "Now bound to 5d6d users are on their own records, access providers have not filled us, such access information is inaccurate, will be canceled access"

(first released this announcement, a look at the members of the "speculative" reaction. The results of this announcement, will certainly make jittery)

second step:

December 7th 5D6D issued the relevant announcement: "network content monitoring is during the crackdown continues, our 4 servers have been disconnected for 3 days with the investigation, it is irresistible factors, is more than a territory, a lot of room are checked and sealed, serious server was holding to the barn., we can look at this news. Now because of binding domain name registration, access inconsistent cancelled bound is no longer a few, these days, our team is also in the night of the investigation, after careful consideration, decided to launch a territory binding domain of services, in order to ensure the safety of users has binding domain, and solve the problem of access to the record. Otherwise, now the rest of the server will be facing the risk of being shut down, and now we must step up the pace of implementation, in order to avoid greater losses. Bound domain users first month to pay 30 yuan, send 3 months free bound, fourth monthly fee of 10 yuan; the new binding domain users first month to pay 30 yuan, second months 10 yuan per month, the annual 140 yuan."

(this move, caused a lot of users respond strongly. Except for a handful of Lords

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