Reasonable layout website hotspots and recommended columns guide users to the next step

imagine, when we visited more than 1000 word article in A5, if the left and right are nothing else, and when you read this article you what kind of feeling, but on the back of the home page to search the article? This is not realistic, from this example we can be recommended: with hot article reasonable layout of the site is very important, so how should we go to the layout and recommend hot article

?The recommended and hot article

traditional methods are generally placed on the left side and the right side, it is undeniable that this way can help improve the website user experience, but when the length is too long, if we continue to use this method, it is not on behalf of users in the second half of the tour is not recommended to content and characteristics? So the traditional model has not adapt to the user’s reading needs, the webmaster friends should do


first webmaster friends can be extended with the recommended hot line, flush with the article, we can discover a problem in time to visit the A5 website, parallel line recommendation and hot article that is A5 articles are very long, the content of all inclusion in the recommendation line, A5 set the length limit, an article more than the fixed length is automatically converted to a content can be obtained from the webmaster friends: website recommendation and focus length can increase, set the length limit, and always will be the content of the article contains hot and recommended content in the website of the.

followed in the following text set interval 3cm recommendation and hot content, through this setup allows users as much as possible by reading click more content, so as to enhance the value of PV, Admin5, Chinaz and other sites are at present this approach is adopted, since the famous sites can use this method, why our website can not use? Except in the left or right with the recommendation and hot reading, the bottom of relevant content webmaster friends also in the content of the article, this approach is worth learning.

We must consider this problem when

finally hits the webmaster friends layout recommendation and hot articles, is not to say that all the articles are suitable to be recommended by you, at least to meet three requirements:

1, attractive title, core users enter the recommendation and hot reading is to look at the title, the title is good and user experience are closely related, if the title is not good enough even if your article is again good also will not have the user to click on the.

2, the layout of science, industry users of different character is not the same, when we recommend the layout must be carried out according to the layout of the user character, recommendation is suitable for layout are owners should consider in the left or right or bottom, but not together, together with the method there is no role for website.


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