On the equality of Web 2 community know how to force users to use watercress to attract users



is now watercress and know almost two benchmark domestic Web 2 website, however careful comparison, we will find that they have a different way in the user’s distinction, and it is this difference in the details of the decision of the development trend of different two websites.

watercress user post article, from a personal point of view on the two sites made their own observation and analysis.

watercress is a real community, and in addition to the ubiquitous minefields in China, watercress will not be able to control how you speak and what you say. That is to say, if (there is no threat to you that damselflies) damselfly survival, would not be out of practice damselfly. With this in mind, it should be said that this community is basically equal.

its main driving force is sharing spirit, because there is no objective or subjective indicator to divide users into groups with different rights. "Adzuki beans" was once an attempt to introduce an economic system into the community, but not yet.

watercress in this community, there are points of the block, and no class of points. Its user base is large enough, and each user can divide his own world by focusing on and adding groups. For example, a user can put watercress as the previous mop.com, as long as the cold and hot group group group, forced to; another user can put bean as a resource sharing site, as long as some share group; similarly, the Intellectual Station watercress, watercress, learning technology exchange station a station watercress can through some way out of the definition and added attention.

why today think of watercress speak a sweet nothings, because in recent days, in the know something about, and deeply aware of the benefits of watercress. As for the online community, there are many funny things about it.

The most ridiculous thing about

is that it is a place of class distinction. The elements that divide class are the so-called "knowledge" that each user shows to others, and the reputation of the user who is influenced by the situation at the same time. When you are a constant user, you will naturally have higher benefits. Community managers tend to maintain this class, through the "folding" they think is not enough to have knowledge of the answer, and that they welcome a long and minute statement "with the answer, to encourage the latter, against the former, and strengthen the differences between users. In the course of time, resulting in a number of "golden" users, when a problem they dancing toward this problem, participation and attention will be the golden shine, no interest is nowhere to run.


is also a sharing community, it is a rare non neutral community, that is, community management teams and community rules will strongly discriminate against users who participate in some way. "I’ve never seen a community like that that limits users’ way of speaking," says the community. "The community is pursuing knowledge, and the management team uses subjective judgment."

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