The four most dead zones in online education are the one to one online teaching


since the birth of computers, futurists have begun to predict that the form of education will begin to change and that teachers’ functions will be replaced. Of course, until today, whether in higher education classrooms or primary and secondary schools, our classroom is still full of students. "The global education market reached $7 trillion, 7 times in the global mobile Internet value", this prophecy with the paperless office, no city, film and theatre will be inside the museum exhibits and predicted together, so far have not achieved.

the online education industry, a few years ago with group purchase some one to fight, all parties, all of all, prospect. Educational platforms and vertical educational websites are springing up, and more people will be able to tide over this mess in the foreseeable future. Unlike group buying, participants in online education are afraid to be killed before they get on the battlefield.

ask you, have a real online education platform receives the user’s expenses? There is a vertical online education website to cost recovery? Online education website to get the VC financing and the expansion of the


no! You are still eager, eager for a fight, choose to attend the banquet gown?

as a practitioner, can not help but Tucao a bit, when in this torrent, a proud water molecules bar (I’m afraid I can not afford a spray)


all kinds of unreliable educational platform, the most stupid is the one to one online oral teaching platform (a XX foreign teachers in the gun).

this is the least reliable and least valuable educational model. This mode of online education is most likely to be thought of, no matter what level of entrepreneurship competition can be found in this business plan: Chinese learn foreign language, because there is no language environment, we build a platform for foreign teachers to the students, one on one, platform commission. Looks over the years, the pattern of a seamless heavenly robe, the company one after another, in a continuous line go to the online education. Of course, living almost no linger and several, get VC is absolutely wonderful. The fatal flaw of this model is: the efficiency of teachers is too low, they won’t be good for a student preparing for academics; the cost is too high, compared with the line and not to the fatal temptation, platforms are not in the trading process does not produce too much value, teaching tools than real-time chat tool poor several blocks so, the platform will slowly become a city of the dead is not surprising. There are people to do primary and secondary school one to one teaching platform, come up with this model of people, thinking is straight, or the head was blocked by the layman.

is that one to many teaching platform a possibility to win,


is far too likely to be a heavyweight final. YY language >

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