Shen Xiaoran what can do to save you my nternet company

we 80 was born in the era of reform and opening up, unfortunately, I did not catch up with the government’s economic boom. Faced with the facts, we have no choice, we do not have to complain about the times we do not meet our ideal environment, all we can do is to calmly face the reality of the community. We did not have the opportunity to experience the three big pieces of the Cultural Revolution (28 bicycles, Shanghai watches and sewing machines), but we were fortunate enough to see a well-off life in modern society. Living in the material enjoyment, spiritual enjoyment is quite rich today, we feel most deeply is that the Internet brings us convenience and development opportunities. We can see from the Asian financial crisis in 97 years later, with the change of the Internet China turn the world upside down, from Ma Yun’s "China pages" began to appear in the Internet economy, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other major portals to lock a large number of Internet users, from 3721 to Baidu, Google to seize the Internet product or service channel market. The changes we see are in sight.

10 years after the outbreak of the global financial crisis at the end of 2008, this round of crisis is the first Alibaba Internet companies feel, and to save the small and medium-sized enterprises and Internet companies in the fall over each other. Guangdong is particularly evident, according to the data show that 09 years, Guangdong accounted for the country’s first GDP, a foundry export trade as the main economic elements of the province, the Internet dependence is irreplaceable traditional channels. This year, the Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang led a delegation invited Ma, hope group Alibaba to open up the market in Guangdong this can prove that: the government’s recognition and support of the Internet economy is imperative; the development of the Internet for small and medium-sized enterprises play an irreplaceable role in promoting. Ali such enterprises are planning for the future of SMEs, small and medium enterprises to help achieve online marketing. You can be sure that Internet marketing will be another good medicine to save the whole economic situation.

06 years of my own business a small network company, mainly to provide basic service station, but later because of two or three city users less and the service cost is too high, and the profit is very low. It is difficult to support the benign operation of a company. It can be said that the food and tasteless, but wasteful to discard. After 2 years to put up the shutters. Because in our group, silently on the Internet struggling people, not recognized, can not be rewarded. Because the company’s development must be supported by profits. A company without profit guarantees is certainly not going to go well. My company is actually in the network. We can look up and see how many online companies around us, including you,


in the environment of market economy and government economy, there is no core technology, it is difficult to keep up with the development trend of the market. So for our group of "vulnerable groups", the government is how to save themselves? Waiting for rescue, or drift, is a direct bankruptcy? I’m afraid most are complaining about the lack of special funds to get assistance, no good product and market. Not really. Why can’t we get from?

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