Talking about the idea of making money for a garbage station after 90

I was originally a professional webmaster, and later found my true entrepreneurial road,


I am 91 years old, is a standard 90, I began to study the hacker technology from the primary school, the second is the establishment of the first site (Shanxi DJ hi hi net) time is about 2006 when the new year, but I didn’t stick to it for a few months to give up, when I may be the future I don’t know, may be the website operation etc.. But I was out of love at the time,

2007 I went to college, our school is closed, militarized management, estimation of the halo we heard, a technical school is the military management! But I learnt a lot from the school, at least I know to


this is a prelude to the summer of 2008, I re planning a successful in the official career, I am a site that is now the "leader security forum" is also a hacker website, this forum I have been running, I do this site is to make money, I don’t think those rookie is so great, I have tried do they teach some VIP members, such as the hacker technology, but the effect is not very good


one day, I found the article written by Wang, and I was inspired. I decided to tap the potential profit of forum users. My forum has never hung an ad, it has been operating free of charge!


between my continuous exploration, an increase in site traffic is increased, when in 2008 November, a company called me, the company called "dragon Telecom Technology Co. Ltd.", he said that their investment in the country, asking if I wanted to do their agent. This company is to make Internet phone, I thought for a few days, also investigated a telephone network many people seem to have heard, but the feeling is not very strong, I feel as long as do some promotion, should soon be able to allow the user to accept


at the end of 2008, I was out of practice, I did not go to the field, just back home, going to do a big business, I borrowed a sum of money, about thousands of dollars on the agent under the company’s products, and promised to me, is my website industry monopoly, I set up a web site that is, on behalf of the company set up a website.

I started on my website to start a series of activities, such as what the "group purchase" network telephone network telephone "across China"! Start effect is not very good, I am a little discouraged, but from the technical school training, I learned to insist, I always insist on doing promotion, in each big Taobao shop the information network dissemination of information

one day, a Shandong Qingdao a man phoned me and said that he was going to my agent this product, and a general agent in Shandong, and he is a computer City boss, so we reached intention, and signed the agreement, he take money from me, I give him a relatively low price, but not in Shandong any bidding agent, all agents in Shandong have.

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