Two types of communities in double eleven gameplay contrast

, along with Taobao’s 57 billion 100 million trading volume, double eleven finally ended. In all the major platform to promote a variety of preferential uproar, someone asked: two community sites in eleven in addition to sellers, what can you do? Summarize several cases of double eleven compared to 2013, 2014 years, we can see some rules.

one, marriage website in double eleven what move,


as a "single problem" professional nemesis, love website in double eleven dynamic concern. According to the news and other ways, we can see the following information:

V Jiayuan 2013 ten Yili push dating APP "seeking dates", in 2014 launched the smart couple Bracelet MissU. And then when the double eleven dihun didn’t love O2O, with 1 shop sellers, let a person feel old married businessman and slightly cooler.

V, cherished network, launched in 2013, the next line store. In 2014, the lily net was silent and cherished, but the net still persisted in the road of practicing love and marriage, O2O.

by the love and marriage website clues, we can see several rules:

1, the transition from PC to mobile phones, difficult. From the Alexa data, Jiayuan dating sites as PC era leader, 2014 traffic all the way down. From the APP to the bracelet exploration, progress is still difficult to see exciting results. I think the key problem is that many people are still using the PC view of the problem, always want to use PC resources to drive the mobile terminal.

2, under the siege of WeChat and many localization communities, the ceiling of love and marriage social networking site appears. If there is no mobile Internet explosive growth, perhaps marriage sites still use the original speed forward. However, the rapid migration of user habits, coupled with various types of community sites and emerging clients (such as unfamiliar street, etc.) erosion, nearly one or two years dating site stalled.

3, the development of

mobile also brings another problem: how long can the income model of a single membership fee type? A big change caused by the movement of the data is large, but put tens of millions of data, the dating website seems flawless, passive waiting for ecommerce site to dig, regrettable but marriage! O2O is indeed a good trend, if the marriage website can destroy the traditional intermediary, this is definitely a revolution.

two, big platform move

2014, QQ space in double eleven held before and after "take off" for the purpose of confession activities. According to public data, as of November 11th 24:00, a total of more than 1 million 410 thousand QQ users through "take action" to the beloved TA confession, driven more than 30 million friends participate in the crowd to help out, creating more than 2 billion exposures for activities.

, we can see the following rule:

1, ten.

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