Websites are just like stocks and not really anyone can do it

always wanted to write a very touching, sonorous and forceful article. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to show off and be very tragic on the Internet. I can write it out. There is only one way of success may really stuck, think very far, I really need a victory, but the reality is reality, do I do not know how many people are successful, but I know that many, many people like me, all the way is full of myself.

introduce myself first, I have written some articles myself, and some of you may have seen some of my bad deeds. I am actually a person who has no culture. I haven’t finished reading in junior high school. I am interested in the internet. At first he fiddle with some personal website, was actually also praised. It’s funny when someone said, "you don’t have to rely on books to build your website.". I have been holding the HTML through many years (immensely proud period did not official website, only occasionally do gymnastics efforts to play). Until finally one day found other people’s dynamic pages, I really can not realize, it was found that technology is how important. Finally started learning technology. Not to find a job, as long as their own enough on the line, so chose asp. I also read a C and studied VB. I finally realized that the language is not important, 12. What you need is to remember the syntax and built-in functions of each language and, more importantly, database operations. With the in-depth discovery of the.COM world, the original technology is not as simple as it originally thought. Even so, I am still attracted by that code and put a lot of effort into it.

finally looked back, and if there were years of technology now, it wouldn’t be like this today, but today’s technology isn’t worth much for today. I learned what to do, so I was thinking about the website that I was interested in. In fact, it was a future for me personally. I’ve learned so many things that I don’t have any use in reality. What will I do in reality in a few years’ time,


yes, I can’t do anything, but I did it. It hasn’t been successful for many reasons. I believe most people do. Early, no technology. Some CMS can’t provide the features I want. And so on, there is no money, the opponent is too strong. No hands, everything has to come, then a lot of promotional programs can not be carried out, many procedures need to improve the place is not so fast into the more, a person’s energy, after all, is limited. Then we’ll have a lot of problems. Me: Fu Liping, I never liked asking for help. I know you can help others even if you ask for help. So I’m all on my own. Because no one will worry about their own more than their own things. I have no money, so I look for cheap room. The site could not take the record, I only wait. Has not been applied for more than half a year, every day in the hearts of the burden spent, afraid that day their efforts no longer appear on the internet. No, SEO, I learn

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