Talking about the course of a teacher’s establishment


dragged home has been 22:00, open the computer, to wash and brush their teeth, wash, and then make a cup of tea in front of the computer table, then at the root of tobacco, well connected to the Internet, open the browser, enter the URL, check IP statistics, and then update the courseware, participation in community forum users interact…… Such a simple flow account type of life has continued from October 26, 2008 to today, to tell the truth very tired, and perhaps this is also the common feelings of many of our webmaster!


I am a in-service teachers, usually busy working, but for the establishment of the dream never give up, in October last year, I and my friends (another student teachers) chat together, not to establish a mathematical resource station had some ideas after further consider starting now this [will] at the beginning of our mathematics; the few understand, just know to buy the domain name, buy space, others do not know, so in the beginning when building the website structure appeared now think it is very regrettable, is to download station program is not selected, the choice of easy stations, although easy to move the entire station program reputation can also, but we feel strange, after all, we started. The plan is to use only the download module, and now we are on this station or this program, but the kernel has been my brother (he is learning computer, website procedures, this is his responsibility), the change is not the same.

I and my colleagues will determine the classification system to download, and upload the accumulation of our hands in the courseware resources, and then waiting for Baidu! After patiently waiting, finally Baidu included, then is updated constantly check the Baidu collection number, continue to see IP…… When IP came up from the 0 slowly rise we are very excited, very happy; but this time there is a problem, we in this area is the New Curriculum Reform Experimental Zone, we were in accordance with the discipline structure classification in our area, after the original old textbooks have a lot of time in the country later, so we now give old materials classification the teachers brought some inconvenience, and I can’t let my brother sends adjusted, but the number of included Baidu have reduced this point, we are very surprised, why is there such a situation? Just know later change the main structure of the web may be included in short time, understand this truth, we can rest assured, then after a period of time that Baidu included normal, we also from this point Learn the lesson,


slowly we feel the whole website seems to have the shortcomings of what the function design, reference to other sites after we have decided to add a forum to do of course is to keep coming back! We chose DISCUZ7 and UCHOME, now it seems that this choice is correct, the number of active sites every day in our community in about 20 or so don’t despise me, oh, for us.

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