Some experiences of offline activities carried out by local portals

offline activities, the popularity of the site, posting volume has a significant effect, this is the consensus of many local portal owners. But what kind of activities will have a significant effect on the popularity and posting of the website? Below I combine own to do the local portal website to carry out several offline activities, to talk about my experience.

a, webmaster don’t do injustice big head

In less than a month before the

website started, I wanted to boost my popularity by organizing events. After the announcement, no one attended. I can’t pull my friends and relatives and so on to dine! No way, I would say that I pay, then through the QQ group, there were 5 men and 2 women went to our party. A month after the first party, I went to the bar party, and the QQ group members said, "you are the webmaster, you should treat.". I was all big then. Individual stationmaster was under great economic pressure, if you please this group of people free that burden is not more heavy! A female member of the website is to understand, I would say to call, and later she was responsible for the activities of the organization. We are engaged in AA, the woman member in charge of money. After this thing, I understand that users engage in offline activities, the site can not cost all inclusive. Members have to shoulder some of the burden. Otherwise, what kind of activities will be carried out after the website is not free, and the members will not participate in it.

two and bar gatherings have no obvious effect on the posting of websites,

what I did was the local gateway to Guizhou, Tuyun. We all know that Guizhou produces wine, and Guizhou people drink better. The people in our area are the best drinkers in Guizhou. Website carried out two times to the bar party, I do not know if I plan is not good enough, or what reason, I feel the amount of posting on the site did not enhance the effect. After everyone went to the bar party are pinjiu amount, come back to look after the party photo website webmaster hair, to the QQ group chat about the party last night, even on the site to send a receipt affixed to the top is not much. I carefully analyze, in fact, this is also very good to understand, go to the bar party people are drinking and want to make friends, why do they want to post the website?

three, the role of the line under the activities of beauty can not be ignored,

beauty attracts attention. This is an indisputable fact. When the male members in the party’s website, I will consult the owners, there is no beauty ah! If party photos to the web site, see is more men than women, members will be posted next to say how are man? I just start to organize web site activities, very few female members the first is the girls are not willing to save chufenzi money; second girls are willing to show. The number of female members determines the interest of male members in the activities. When I realized the problem, I started asking them for help and asked them to bring friends and friends, and the girls I called were paid by the website

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