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SMS marketing service network recently adjacent customers mainly to the beauty industry, the target user groups of the beauty industry is relatively fixed, but also has the property of strong geographical area, the use of SMS marketing, SMS marketing accurate and fast characteristics, let beauty institutions with target customers quickly established contact, of course SMS marketing is a means. Let’s look at the beauty industry, SMS marketing strategy or is.

SMS marketing has been recognized and accepted in many industries began to use in recent years, the beauty industry is no exception. Any media is only a means, is the problem of art, the key to solve the problem is to look at the rules and extend the road. SMS is a natural operation, marketing is the way, so they must be combined with it can play a role. Here we have to analyze, for the beauty industry, combined with the way of marketing the road and SMS operation:

, new customer – free to shop experience service

for the beauty agencies, the service of the old customers is the most important work, good word-of-mouth is more effective than any advertising.

but we also have to admit that the old customers must have a loss rate, and this part of the loss of the old customers, the beauty structure must be developed by new customers to make up. Therefore, institutions will arrange some free to shop experience activities in every month, released via SMS in the form of information activities, have certain requirements for the data, mainly according to the region, age, three conditions to screen calls.

two, the first to shop customers – SMS tracking, tracking, giving small gifts

when the customer first to store consumer, beauty institutions can send SMS greetings, enquiry service experience, and can be a small gift shop, to receive in the next time, so can let customers remember the beauty shop and remember again.

three, for the beauty of the package of regular customers — reservations to remind beauty tips

, for old customers who have handled their cards, careful service and tracking are essential. You can make an appointment reminder through SMS, such as next to store time should be the day, when the seasons change, SMS marketing can be done through the beauty tips such intellectual content, so the old customers is also very practical.

four, birthday greetings,

this way is the most commonly used SMS marketing strategy. Although the current greeting SMS is indeed more rampant, but in the birthday sent sincere, warm wishes, customers will not oppose, and here should pay attention to the editorial content of text messaging planning.

beauty industry belongs to the tunnel of the service industry, service industry marketing always cheats is sincere service, not to allow any new customer churn, SMS marketing should better service, so it can thrive in the fertile soil.

author, Beijing, such as neighboring network technology Limited

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