The water and electricity provider Yin Garden tomb sold online

over the past two years, O2O (online, to, offline, online to offline) has become popular, and now this wind has scraped into the few people interested in the "behind the matter" came up.

December 19th, "but O2O electricity supplier – Shanghai white Agel Ecommerce Ltd announced the opening of (hereinafter referred to as" an white matter "), at the same time, it is in Shanghai Nanjing road section of the entity shop experience shop side of heaven" began trial operation.

by the funeral funeral companies listed on the main board of Hongkong — Chinese Yin Garden Holdings Limited (Yin Garden China, 00922.HK) and several private institutions to set up joint investment, the former shares accounted for 35%.

is not the first field of funeral funeral companies to test the water O2O, but had tried for many small and medium business projects. But an early investment in the "tens of millions of RMB, to build the online platform, the integration of all resources, and its major shareholder Chinese Yin Garden has an area of nearly 650 thousand square meters of the cemetery, Xian cemetery in Hangzhou, the company’s main revenue comes from sales of graves.

"I think the prospect of this O2O model is unpredictable."." Asked about the expected performance of the company, but Ann chairman, executive director Yin Garden Chinese Shi Jun ( said the news of surging.

Vice president,

Chinese Funeral Association Shanghai City Funeral Association Wang Hongjie said, "in an 2013 funeral opening conference, died in Shanghai city population of 120 thousand, the population is 9 million 720 thousand, equivalent to a European country." He said, "ten years ago, the death rate was about 6/1000, but last year it reached more than 7/1000."."


According to the

China non executive director Yin Garden into steel, an involved a total of three service brand, in addition to the cemetery, funeral service online agent line based "side of paradise", will be launched in the future net sales of urns, ritual items and other funeral products "across the mall, to the next line and provide the funeral service of" the other side angel".

In addition to

sales agent onyin cemetery in his tomb, but also an agency the scope of shareholders in the construction and in the acquisition of the cemetery, and other companies will charge a commission of the cemetery.

, its offline sales channels, such as stores and salespeople, are also costs." Shi Jun thought it would not raise the price of the tomb.

when asked about the price of services, Shi Jun said it is difficult to give a figure: "we understand, the Shanghai market, the average consumption of 100 thousand yuan in the funeral, including the purchase of the cemetery. And our store opened in Shanghai, that is, for this market." But he also admitted that the funeral an early opening first positioning high-end crowd, then gradually move closer to the civilian, let the ordinary people and the funeral can be more convenient, "price transparency" >

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