High quality exchange of links

exchange links, is conducive to website promotion, bring traffic. Today, I’m going through my experience to talk about how to exchange good quality links

I exchange links, generally focus on quality, and there are major links to the same type.

features high quality links:

1. search engine included in the good, if the search engine punishment, that is garbage in the garbage, when making links, be sure to pay attention to

2. has a certain PR, PR is zero, or new station, or search engine is not included. General PR for more than 2 is considered valuable,

of course, the new station, pr=1 will do, but this is not discussed in this article, I would like to talk about high quality

3., there are no links to junk sites in other links to the station. This is easy to discern, if his website what kind of Web site to the chain, don’t hesitate,

directly skip, don’t think that site requirements low, easy to exchange, so that the site may someday suddenly delete your link

below, I will tell you how to write email to exchange links, take my website for example:

1, link to the industry Web site:


Hello, I found your site at your link partner, because it’s the same kind of website,

and my website is non-commercial, providing only online shop information, although the site opened soon,

, but PR is 2, you can effectively increase the reverse link of your site, please consider


if you like, please use " online shop " for link text, address is:

I’ve built a link to your station. The link is

2: exchange links with non industry Web sites


Hello, I found your website on Baidu. As a personal website, your station is really excellent,

especially in terms of color matching. And the content is also rich, I also have a personal

website, is about the online shop, and expect good website links,

we learn from each other and make progress together. I’ve built a link with your station,


URL is:,

, if you are willing to exchange with me, please use " online shop " for link text,


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