How to store the rural night Security

the end of the year, we prepared money during the new year, the thieves have become more rampant, anti-theft work done in a place, it may be patronized. In particular, some rural stores, anti-theft equipment is not perfect, more likely to be stolen and caused economic losses. So, how to guard against theft at the village store night? Let Xiaobian to introduce several strategies.

Due to the limitation of the operating cost, the security conditions of the rural small shops in

are relatively backward, and the monitoring equipment can not be popularized. The retailer Wang Qinfeng shop recently stolen, she said she had been careful, even to put the cigarette into the bed, but impossible to guard against.

what kind of shop is easy to steal? Elderly retail customers shop, traffic arteries surrounding shops, relatively deserted road shops, foreign operators Shop, etc., which are high risk of theft. Suggested retail customers to take effective measures against the characteristics of rural stores, put a little cost in order to avoid the huge economic losses after theft. Here are some tips for your reference:

shutter door lock more insurance

The use of

shutter door is very popular, the probability of being very high. Can be in rural stores in both ends of the roller shutter door to prepare a horizontal lock, the thief to pry open the three lock is very difficult, the method is simple and easy to use.

the door hidden weapon more assured

in rural areas after the door of the stick is more recognized by the practice, can increase the fastness of the lock, rolling door is not easy to pull up. But if it is pushing the door the door can be placed in a bottle or a small object, when the door is opened, the sound even failed to deter thieves, can also play a certain role of early warning.

shop posted warning signs have deterrent

, such as the warning signs posted in a lot of shops, like rural shops can choose to be posted outside the store, there are monitoring, monitoring 110 and other warning signs, to play a deterrent role in warning.

pet dog can be early warning

for rural stores, the dog is a good way to guard against theft. Zhu Chunbao, a retail customer, said that due to his shop is located on the edge of traffic arteries, crowded, especially in the evening, often for some unknown noise and insomnia. But since the family has a dog, he was more at ease, because according to the dog’s barking to distinguish the distance between people, if the dog does not last long, not barking, you can sleep at ease.

suspension of sound reproduction

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