Local forum initial construction experience

The development of the

local forum is a long-term process, and we must make clear the tasks at various stages to achieve better breakthroughs.

, a brand, the establishment of local forum, if you have not formed the development pattern of monopoly, the most taboo is the named place name + Forum Forum word, basic will not any place only one, if there is no brand idea at the beginning, the local name for the forum, to in the fierce competition can not remember, let the local people focus on their website.

two, promotion


should make clear the target and seize the primary and secondary. For example: e Yangxin forum, to "e Yangxin" for the brand name, to Baidu ranking for the early development direction, first through excellent quality articles and the chain, search engine rankings do. Probably spent a month, the "Yangxin forum" this keyword do home page, and related keywords, such as "Yangxin friends, Yangxin BBS, Yangxin community" also do all Baidu home page. In the process of Baidu SEO, also slowly know many like-minded local friends, work together to build this forum, the forum moderator plate, in their own interests, are responsible for distribution.

then assigned to a person, a good forum, is basically impossible, to find like-minded friends together, is your pleasure, so cherish every interested in making friends in the forum. Every day to report the progress of the forum, even if it is a minor change, we ask for your opinions, so that we can unite. When the management of the forum is united, it will be better implemented after the task is issued. What is the task to e forum in Yangxin in the early stage of development, there are special comments, which improved the moderator of the forum, a daily high quality original update the moderator, moderator of mutual help in the local place ask manual acquisition problems every day, and every day outside the chain in each big forum moderator and so on. These are the outcomes of their respective tasks through meetings, discussions, and assignments.

three, development, BBS to develop, do SEO certainly not enough, how to let others remember your BBS, or have the desire to post, is the webmaster should think about the problem. That should be done in the forums, forums and features. There are not many sections of the e Yangxin forum. The structure is clear and gives a very refreshing feeling. The section is not much, in order to focus on the heat of the forum, but also can better concentrate on creating their own characteristics. It should be noted that the forum is characterized by a long-term accumulation process, we must combine the local characteristics, and gradually form their own characteristics of culture, so can not be impatient for success.

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