Build your own news source and steadily improve the quality of your blog

as blogger, to improve the quality of our blog, write a large number of high-quality original articles, is always our goal. Now the fox introduces a simple way to steadily improve the quality of your blog and build your own news source. Different news sources such as Google and Baidu, is that we have to create their own news source is for bloggers themselves, with their own interests, the theme of the blog is closely related to the unique resources of each blogger’s secret. Now the fox will give a brief account of how to build his own news source.

wants to have a RSS subscriber,

, in fact, thanks to the invention of RSS technology, and it has made our news source very simple. Online reader, fox recommends Google reader. Its concise interface, quick operation is the fox recommended reason, try GR bar, you won’t regret, ha ha,

select the appropriate seed

is not for every blog, and every web site can be a source of news. The fox subscribed to more than 100 RSS sources, but only 10 of the http://s.phyfox.org news sources are the only ones that really need to see it every day. The standard of choice, friends can refer to

1. professional

major is the first one, because we build our own news source is to absorb nutrition, if the news source is not professional, how can we expect to give us the right inspiration


2. in time,

As a news source,

must be updated in time, otherwise it will lose its due role. Of course, this question should be analyzed in detail. For example, some very professional content, even if it is not updated for a long time, is worth reading again and again. Because it’s a textbook job,

3. topic

as a news source, fox doesn’t recommend wide topic blogs. The fox always believed that only by concentrating on one side can he make a deep discovery. We seek depth, not breadth. Breadth can be compensated for by multiple news sources, but depth can only depend on the news source itself,

4. audits

meets the above three can be the seeds of their own news source, but really want to become their own news source, but also need to subscribe for a long time after the observation. If credible, as a source of news, and then absorb the nutrients. A cautious attitude is responsible for yourself and also accountable to visitors.

next article, fox will introduce the fat fox news source, friends can share their news source, ha ha,

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