Blogging another one billion lesson

Author: Lin Jun, CITIC publishing house & blue lion writers, served as the first IT Chinese website Yesky founder and chief editor. Current mobile Internet vertical media Lei Feng network CEO. I once had "boiling fifteen years – Chinese Internet 1995-2009".

is written in the front:

today issued the content is "one billion dollars" I learned a book a chapter before publication with the now decided on WeChat in the public account, long shenru, but I will send you three times, in order to better reading experience, first will be listed in the syllabus:

1, Lu Liang and Tan Yongquan joined

2, the first scholar in the Internet, Fang Xingdong

3, from blog China to blog

4, an early start-up partner, comes to

5, city of dreams enlarged internal friction


6, Xing Dong

out of domestic trouble and foreign invasion

7 and Shen Feng come and go in a hurry,

, 8, Fang Xingdong, CEO

– – – – the following is the text – – – –

scholar rebellion, ten years did not become. In the eyes of many people, not the ultimate achievement takes the world Albert, has become a $1 billion lesson, largely because the body of the intellectual spirit.

this is true, but not all right. Fang Xingdong and blogs are the least investment in a Book (the $one billion lesson), but it is the most typical one. This is not because he is a typical scholar, but because, in the entrepreneurs to leap between business leaders, an entrepreneur may appear problem, Fang Xingdong appeared, but this is largely because he than other entrepreneurs more than the intellectual spirit.

such as team problems, Fang Xingdong himself has a strong dedication, and super capable, energetic, ambitious. The blog China began to stride forward every year and fully demonstrated its outstanding entrepreneurial talent. But takes the self too, especially after financing, much noise, in order to promote his own ideas, for some executives to indulge, let the whole management team was never in a strong, United, competitive situation.

In the control and management of the right to speak, Fang Xingdong, a critic born of

, is endowed with unique advantages. But after turning to the entrepreneur, Fang Xingdong didn’t have a clear understanding of it. After all, the critic said other people’s business. He said that he should be an entrepreneur, and he should refrain from expressing himself. For example, because the board of directors and management is too fast and smooth over a fault, blind expansion, so that the board was a period of time the other Xingdong lack of confidence, finally several ups and downs over Fang Xingdong’s own private equity funds to repurchase the company, it is empty.


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