My road to sail in the Olympic Valley contest of gratitude

before using the single page master Qiu to optimize the keyword 163.com free e-mail, read his article on his own admire, so using this method produced a few single page website promotion, although there is still a long distance compared with the high master, but also learned a lot of knowledge in the optimization of the promotion process, their single page promotion is small achievements, do


saw again Qiu master using single page to participate in Olympic Valley competition, contain his excitement, the application domain of baiaoguok.cn in April 23, 2008, and quickly made a single page, officially began to participate in Olympic Valley contest. Whether this page can get a good ranking in the search engine, even if it is not included, I also follow the search engine competition along the way, in the course of the competition, I learned to calm to think, learn to analyze those who participated in the contest 100 abstruse cereal and get a good ranking website, which I have learned more methods of website promotion.

station (http://s.www.baiaoguok.cn) on 100 abstruse cereal ideas in the dome team’s master orientation of the same source, from his 100 abstruse cereal stores, because I am not good at activities under the line, so they didn’t do clothing or jewelry and the like of the site, but the establishment of bioco valley station for future collection of search engines on the contents of concern the search engine, and the contents of concern must be the social focus topic


remember where I’ve read a word before, and when it comes to search engine rankings, it’s resources. Although I do not have a lot of resources to use, but I believe I will try to build resources for about 100 abstruse cereal standing in the search engine’s ranking efforts.

I believe that

will participate in Olympic Valley, about 100 abstruse cereal, more to promote the Olympic Valley,

thanks master Qiu!


(Note: Qiu master is Qiu Shida)

this is the first soft article I’ve ever done. I hope ADMIN5 can give me a chance to keep a connection. Let me also try to bring the soft links of sweetness. Thanks ADMIN5.   more contest 100 abstruse cereal Forum: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-193-1.html 

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