Network construction of small and medium enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises have been the main enterprise network project service object, small and medium-sized enterprise Internet effect is veiled showed no effect, I am finishing the years of small and medium-sized enterprise service experience, hope that small and medium-sized enterprises website some enlightenment.

Objective — network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises,

two, how to manage the enterprise website — Internet network resources integration

many enterprises to site isolation and lack of sufficient support for the station, oneself also mistakenly believe that even if the enterprise to build a website on the internet. In fact, the customer visit your site, it is equivalent to see your office, if the dust on the ground, no one reception, no one to listen to, you say? Your office should be on duty, clean and tidy, and ready to be served at COFFEE. There is no difference between the Internet, the network is real, because the visitors are real people. There is no difference between the Internet and the reality. In reality, what method do you use to receive guests and talk about business, the same method is used on the website

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