After 4 months of course Wangzhuan the lesson from 20click

4 months! ~ in the past is brought about by the painful lessons! ~20click10 months began to take the heat! ~ just a few days to reach a group of users can not imagine! ~ everybody is try holding the mentality to participate in the


project has put money in Wangzhuan station, the station had a period of time to recommend others to join. It seems that one of my friends threw in some money. In this to those who are misled by the site earn friends say sorry. The matter also to the vast number of friends and I made a heavy lift. There is a risk of wangzhuan. In particular, this kind of 20click must invest money to participate in the project. That is, the so-called investment to make money. This kind of project from the previous case. Without exception, are the beginning of good faith, but once a lot of members involved, the amount of investment is also very large, they closed the door. Of course not go, but the curly Lezai Le Zai all hard-earned money to go.

20click, and so on, why do we often can not resist it is that it is on the propaganda of the friends who want to make money quickly, coupled with the idea that it is indeed paid on time. Coupled with its Alipay through certification, Alipay take payment. One time. Everyone’s doubts have been dispelled, are quick to throw money, think more, the more money. As a result, there is a lot of money into it. Well, just this time? Do not at this time when. So 20click started, the hacker attacks, the database is destroyed. And announced a detailed solution. All the fuss. So I believe it, including me. Think 20click is actively solve the problem. After solving all will recover, we still make a profit. As everyone knows, I hope the stars look forward to the day when the moon reopened, even the site can not open. At this point, we understand, 20click gone. In a way that is a very clever way to put a flicker of everyone. With a huge amount of money left.

learned from the Internet, the 20click operator called Tung Ching, the cheated out of the money not less than 10 million. It is claimed that the refund is false, many people have not received. 20click the beginning of the payment, it may be a member of the deposit. Because the margin is 2 times the amount of earnings. In this huge impact of network fraud, 20click make full use of people’s greedy heart, through the early payment in a timely manner, defrauding the amazing funds. Provide support to pay Alipay in this case is always a lucky heart, for the majority of members just to appease, and did not take effective means to deal with, resulting in the scam after exposure to 20CLICK and large capital outflows, which makes us very disappointed; now the event has been clear, Alipay should stand up first it is reported, and with the public security organs to investigate the case, the majority of the members of a


of this article just want to take a lesson It doesn’t help the situation., and remind myself again and the vast majority of make friends, real Wangzhuan, >

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