Blogging money and wealth creation

now the Internet is on the Internet circle repeat the stock tricks, a large open space, began to take the venture firms to hire technical staff to earn money. Ma Yun claimed that he did not understand the technology, but also do not understand the network, but he will be fooled a bunch of people to do with him, so made the world’s largest online trading platform B2B. Many people read the book for many years, learned a lot of skills, a lot of effort, a lot of sweat flow, and finally found to have been controlled by others, manipulated by others. So you want to be a real millionaire today, see my blog should know what to do, don’t go to work without Ming, think more time to work to earn money, think more people know more money, are some of the wrong idea.

blog that can really make money? Have a blog friends made a "prostitute" when the blog into extraordinary theory, said if you look at the money, and then if you write is a prostitute, blog, it’s double identity, so the final conclusion can be imagined.

to solve this problem, we should first try to understand the causes of the blog, it subverts the elite times only "talent" to express their creative patent, at the same time to the grassroots self expression, emotional catharsis and strengthen friendship provides a platform to entertain, but also to those arrogant and inferiority provides a one-way corner. The text of the laughter tears, no one would joke, occasionally also won the same world people sigh sigh, why not a comfort.

but can not make money, mainly depends on two aspects, one is to want to make money; the two is that there is no resources, if the first sure, second is to study, there are many good articles and new ideas in the blog, is not on the formation of resources?! the blog group (seek common keywords), and then by the blog group and publisher or consultancy, obtain benefits for the garden owners at the same time, the site turned over part of the profits, not to the satisfaction of all, that such a simple idea, why still need hard thinking? Because only one: to make money have not clear who is the target customer to browse the blog? People not prospective customers, why? Because some bloggers too impetuous, single-minded pursuit of hits, some just to communicate and learn from each other, so it is not possible Strong desire to buy.

people who need knowledge and information are prospective customers, but their general time is very limited, so there is a possibility of buying. But what is most in need is the institutions that specialize in selling knowledge, stories and ideas (publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, information industry, research institutions, etc.). To determine the target customers, to provide accurate positioning is: humor? Or write serious? Is justice? Or describe gossip? Positioning strategy, strategy on market segmentation, for which publication feeds, keep customer competition, to ensure my interests increase, then contact the humour or financial magazines and so on…… So the secret to making money is to sell to those who really need it

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