Read Wang Tong blog has a sense of money may be so simple

contact SEO soon, before Wang Tong also have some understanding, simply read some of his books are downloaded from the Baidu library, also do not know some people the false hair, e-book content is not very attractive to me, with a glance thrown into the trash! There is no attention to Wang Tong, just remember that Wang Tong is a SEO expert


in 2011 after the Spring Festival I came to Beijing, may be the reason for the space distance, few previous hearing or attention to Wang Tong’s message, I work in the company has a project is planned by Wang Tong, the tariff is 100 thousand yuan, is 09 year plan written in July, a few days ago I had see, those methods now in A5 SEO, often wandering fans, is really something we talk about! Some people may say, 09 years in July to now have nearly two years of time, the method of value at that time in 100 thousand, and certainly not worth it. In my opinion, the same scheme, the same method, or Wang Tong to work out the planning, this method may now be worth 200 thousand! An authoritative effect, an industry leader


language level is not good, as if this time a bit of a problem!

just walk in A5, see A5 top recently ranked first is Wang Tong: Baidu’s ass can not touch? This article yesterday saw, but did not care, today he was top to the first, think this article should be an article quite wrong, open look! The main content of the article is that Wang Tong lists some manual intervention by Baidu’s website, Wang Tong tried to touch the ass of Baidu, Baidu is the one, the angry only those who bite people know! The specific content of this article Wang Tong you can see, a Baidu wanted to vent can also go to the newly established Wang Tong round criticism forum hair


I read this article to Wang Tong’s personal blog, blog title was simply "Wang Tong blog", the meta property is not what Baidu! Description is to grab Wang Tong blog picture below the profile information, so this indicates that the first 200 text description of the blog is very important! Wang Tong’s blog the update is not much, basically every month is a number of blog updates, no mouchangqing, the moon was full of essence, a long and minute statement, said that every sense, see his video, hear the most is: the money is so simple!

Wang Tong said it were so simple? A day of training, the training fee is 6000 yuan, from the beginning to now have 56 training period, more than 1000 students, which is the day, to participate in the training of students crazy? One day to learn what is simply crazy?! I now have no capital to train, I feel I am also looking for a chance to get crazy, because only crazy people know the truth of life, only crazy students only know that the money is really as simple as Wang Tong said! "

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