Conversation e Jie Yuntao why do do housekeeping O2O


today, two men meet for the second time. In front of the tan though a bit tired, but still looked indifferent, do not know because some time ago in the Baidu e home cleaning conference scene show.

topic: traditional domestic companies die


mentioned in this topic, see Yuntao deep feelings about this:

1, domestic companies to make money by two bluff;

2, domestic companies regardless of distance and working hours, late general;

3, hourly workers can only wait at home phone;

4 hours worked, often about


5, domestic companies do not filter staff;

6, 90% domestic companies do not train hourly workers;

7, the traditional home economics as high as 30%, so after hours of contact with the user will remain private single;

8, many domestic companies are transferred to other companies to do the work, to eat the difference, the quality of service is difficult to protect.

topic two: e home clean how to do?

Yuntao denied, in fact e home cleaning has been seeking cooperation and domestic companies, but the actual operation, they find that there are a lot of problems, so they decide to do:

1, e home cleaning has been covering nearly 1000 workers in the Beijing area, through the e home clean platform for hourly workers and customers can direct docking;

2, the abolition of the domestic companies in the middle of the link, the user can reduce the price of hourly workers, the remuneration is also increased;

3, the service price of unity for 40 yuan and 2 hours, and set up the price function, and not to work hours. This not only ensures the benefits of hourly workers, but also reduces the possibility of escape;

4, on the hour of strict screening and identity audit, at the same time, to provide customers with insurance policies, if in the course of the service in the event of the destruction of customers, will be provided by the insurance company compensation;

5, the establishment of service evaluation system to encourage customers and hourly workers.

Topic three: domestic


domestic trouble and foreign invasion?

for e home clean, the start is pretty good. However, for the capital influx of domestic O2O areas, large and small teams in staking, group purchase industry once again bubble drama may be:

1, the demand side, and the taxi, compared to the need for workers to find the relatively small, relatively low user use frequency;

2, user promotion, the promotion of online access to a single user cost is higher, the line to promote the crowd distribution is too dispersed;

3, hourly worker >

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