The higher failure three cause not to be able to make money through online

now is not what Wangzhuan very fresh things, a lot of people through the Wangzhuan have earned a lot of money, such as the website, such as open shop and so on, as well as help marketers are able to earn a lot of money, of course, with the huge army of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, competition is becoming more and more serious, a lot of people just joined the higher by cleaning out the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore of these people, what is the cause of failure of Wangzhuan? The author summarizes the three reasons in the study, we hope to be able to prepare for a career in this industry new Wangzhuan help


one: go the other way, you have no way to go

a lot of people do love what others ask Wangzhuan Wangzhuan success, I believe many people join Wangzhuan, Ma always pay homage to Robin Li, on their way to success is always intentionally imitate, although not think they can learn 1/10 of their capacity, then the one percent is still possible, then join them, but very sorry, even if you have learned them one percent, but you are not up to one percent of their achievements, is likely to collapse on the way! Because many people rushing to the road to walk the road of the market has no way to receive so many people start in you have been doomed


two: Wangzhuan target is not realistic

a lot of people in the early days of the spirit of Wangzhuan flourishes ideas, of course, in the first few days thinking about, one day earn a few yuan, slowly began to think of every day to earn one hundred yuan, earn a thousand dollars, the last is not practical earning large quantities of gold each day, this idea is Yan Zhongzu because of your success the Wangzhuan to be successful a few years precipitation is not possible, and that within a few years will be the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, if you can not insist on for several years, it is very sorry, you can not succeed, even earn one hundred days yuan also do not have to


three: sitting on the achievements of the past

pleased with oneself.

a lot of Wangzhuan losers have experienced brief success, many have collapsed in the Internet when the cold wave struck, the main reason is the horrors of the laurels, do not know how to break new ground, why Tencent in more than ten years of youth resident, that is because the Tencent continues to break new ground, dabbled in more business, why NetEase to become the most profitable portal, that is against the game this banner, moment those successful Wangzhuan no when thinking about how to change, how to create more profit model, if you think the day has been imitated, never surpassed, then you will be in danger if Apple does not at the moment! In the moment of innovation, to enhance the user’s experience, how can a fashion to imitate the


even through advertising alliance to make money, how much money is also different, some people can earn hundreds of dollars a day. And some day can only earn a few dollars, is a hundred times, why? Wangzhuan thinking is different, make money naturally different, some people are just simple in.

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