Teach you to dig in the gold four law

– a craft

said with a vast wealth, rather than have a slight skill by oneself.

Zhang Guoxi is the first billionaire in mainland China, and so far the only Chinese entrepreneurs to write their names on the planet. He is a carpenter in Shanghai art carving factory to craft carving camphorwood box. With this hand

art fair, in order to get the 20, camphorwood box earned him ten thousand yuan.

first pot of gold digging, so that his belongings all in charge of traditional woodcarving, finally have the results today.


Wang Zhidong has left the Sina, but he took the ship out of the sea, is a very successful operation of a case.

In 1993 four he

to pass the financing 5 million Hong Kong dollars, founded four, and later, the four SRS on SinaNet network combined with Sina. ". In 1999, he was in the international financing $25 million, then again to the DELL computer and Softbank financing $60 million. 2000, the NASDAQ listed, financing opened a new world.

to capture the opportunities

this example is Yang Huaiding in Shanghai, said Yang million. It should be said that his first pot of gold is easy to trade from the treasury. The signs are seen in Shanghai, 108 yuan to buy 113 yuan to sell the field, Shanghai, 4 hours to earn 800 yuan.

found the opportunity to have a vision, cashing opportunities need action. All of this, but also have internal knowledge, perseverance support.

yourselfThe first gold

Geely Group Chairman Li Shufu is digging the open studio. 1000 multi reflector can not afford to buy, he would do it yourself one, as long as two dollars; even the camera on the tiger skin and loaded film stuff, are doing their own.

so you can’t be surprised at the fact that he later made a refrigerator, a motorcycle, a car.

in his eyes, "the car only 4 wheels, the steering wheel, the 1 engine, the 1 car shell, there are two sofas."

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